Penny is our 5 month old french bulldog which we purchased from Charlie and Tammy Rogers. Penny is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. Everybody who meets her falls in love, she has a wonderful disposition and the biggest ears you could imagine! Penny was 10 weeks old when she came to us and was virtually house trained, thank you Tammy.
The first thing you notice when you go to the Rogers house to meet the puppies is the genuine love and care they have for all these dogs. Tammy really helps you get ready for your new addition and supplies you with a wealth of information. They are wonderful people and breeders, go see for yourself.

  Anne- Marie Fleming.
Hi Tammy!

I was just at the dog park with my little guy and boy does he love playing with other frenchies. In speaking with other frenchie owners I have come to learn how truly blessed I am to have my puppy come from a breeder like you! Lately I have heard horror stories about breeders disappearing after the puppies have been picked up and paid for while the puppies end up having serious medical problems (cherry eye, hip, skin... You name it!) . I love that I get to email you after the fact and send you updated pictures. Thought that you would like to hear how amazing you truly are! Your love for the breed shows with everything you do.
And for good measure, a new picture of Ollie this past weekend at his daddy's rugby game! He is a big boy at 25lbs now! And he is definitely one of the best looking frenchies at the dog park, he gets so many compliments.

Tammy, we'd like to thank you for Harley.  He is so awesome!! I looked into several breeders in the area and I'm so glad I came across your website. Not only are your puppies unbelievable, but the work you and Charlie put into getting the dogs ready for their new homes is great. Starting them on the potting training, crate training, and socializing them makes you stand out amongst breeders. I realize it takes alot of time on your part but it makes the puppies' transition into their new enviornment so much easier. I will continue to recommmend you guys to anyone interested in a fun loving dog, and probably even get another puppy in the future. 

Thanks again, 
Sal and Patty Dilluvio
Thanks Tammy, She is certainly a clown. We love her so much. Thank you so much for all your advise and nurturing of Bella when she was born. There is such a difference between puppy mill dogs like our first dog,
  Ginger and Bella. You can tell Bella has had a great, caring, loving start in her life. She is so social and friendly. She is growing into being an awesome dog. I can't thank you enough. 

 "I bought my very first French Bulldog From Tammy at Frenchies of Mystic and it has been such a great experience! She was there for me throughout the whole process and answered all of my questions. Visiting her and meeting her dogs was wonderfuI. My daughter has been asking to go back for a visit ever since! I started out intending to buy a puppy but ended up purchasing an older dog who is hands down one of the best dogs I have ever owned. She is an absolute LOVE and has taken to her role in our household flawlessly. She is great with the kids, made fast friends with our German Shepherd, and best all of has become a great companion for me!" 

  Delilah Hatch