​Purchase & Sale Agreement
This Purchase and sale agreement is between the “Seller” Charles or Tammy Rogers and the “Buyer”______________________________.  
 Buyer’s Responsibilities:
To have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of Buyer’s choice. Seller must be sent a copy of the official examination results by fax, e-mail, or express mail within 5 calendar days of taking possession. If it is not received within this time period it is agreed that the exam of record at time of sale will be the one provided by the seller.
Provide puppy with routine preventive care, such as, but not limited to:
Bi annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian. 
Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations and deworming.

Buyer is aware that owning a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understands that he/she will be responsible for all payments.

Puppy must be paid in full at the time of the agreed pick up. Final Payment must be in the form of certified check, bank check, or cash. We also accept credit cards using pay pal provided the transaction fee is paid for by the Buyer. 

Due to the varying kinds and quality of dog food on the market and the different environmental conditions that may exist, the buyer agrees to the following nutritional requirements as a condition of purchase. Buyer agrees to continue feeding the puppy Life’s Abundance Small & Medium Breed Puppy food available through the link on our website and give Nu Vet plus Daily vitamins (one wafer daily) also available through a link on our website at www.frenchiesofmystic.com for the duration of the heath guarantee. Failure to do so makes this agreement null and void. 
Health Agreement:
In the event a conflict of interest may exist professional or otherwise, it is expressly agreed that an independent Veterinarian will be utilized to determine any possible diagnosis that are or may be covered by this health agreement. 
This puppy is guaranteed under Public Act No. 09-228 Section 22-344b of the Connecticut General Statutes attached to this agreement. It covers illness at the time of sale, and congenital defects until six months from time of purchase against fatal and life altering congenital defects which adversely affects the health and quality of life. If the dog dies within this time frame, the buyer can at their expense, have it autopsied to ascertain reason. If reason is congenital, the Seller will replace the puppy or offer a refund in line with this statute. Any claim made under this agreement must be accompanied by a certificate from a licensed veterinarian clearly stating the nature and causation of illness or death. 
This agreement does not cover what in the bulldog breed is considered common: “loose” hips and knees, skin and food allergies, elongated soft palate, small trachea, exertion, or trauma related hernias. 
This agreement does not cover behavioral problems. 
This agreement does not include Coccidian, Kennel Cough, and other parasites which are common in puppies that are shipped or in contact with other animals and are usually caused by exposure, stress, or bacteria unless present at the time of sale. 
As of the date of delivery, the puppy has received proper vaccinations and worming. The buyer has been / will be informed of these and future vaccinations and worming due.
This agreement applies to the original puppy and purchaser only and is nontransferable to a different puppy or any second party.
Replacement puppy will be of comparable quality. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact same parents of the original puppy. It is also understood that a replacement puppy will be selected from the next comparable litter if one is not immediately available.
Disorders that may be caused by environmental factors beyond the sellers control, for example but not limited to: toxins, ingestion of substances, allergies, hot spots, demodectic mange, ear infections and other autoimmune disorders that are not common but not genetic disorders and thus not covered by this agreement. 
Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury or neglect is not covered under this agreement.
There is no guarantee expressed or otherwise except for what is contained in this agreement.

Puppy is sold with limited registration only unless otherwise agreed to in writing bellow. 

The parentage / pedigree is correct to the best of Seller’s Knowledge. The Buyer agrees to hold harmless the Seller in any manner in the unlikely event that a problem might arise from the puppies’ parentage / pedigree unless otherwise agreed below.
This agreement supersedes any and all previous agreements.
Any changes to this agreement or other agreed to terms must be in writing and confirmed by all parties to this agreement.
Other Agreed Terms: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
This agreement is null and void if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.
If a deposit is placed prior to a puppy being born you must make your selection from the litter when the puppies are 4 weeks old. Failure to pick on the scheduled weekend will result in loss of pick order, or number. Sorry no exceptions.
Buyer understands this agreement fully. This agreement is under the jurisdiction of the State of Connecticut, in New London County. Any and all disputes arising from this sale or agreement will be resolved in the State of Connecticut, in New London County.